2012 Survival Guide™ Review

Reviewed by Master Michael Clayton

2012 Survival Guide

I have been wondering every now and then why things are not as they used to be before. Yes, we have had earthquakes, floods, famine and even tsunamis before – yet never at this rate. Studies have revealed that the calamities occurring on earth have risen in bounds and leaps unlike ever before. So why exactly has the earth flared up after so many ages?

The Tsunami in 2004, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Philippines mudslides in 2006, and the most recent Haitian Earthquake in 2010 are all indicators of how things are deteriorating as the clock ticks on. It has actually nothing to do with our lifestyle as far as I know. This was destined to happen. Almost all religious calendars and scriptures have pointed onto this tragic day. Yet I am not a pessimistic person. I know that there is always sunshine after every rainy day. Hence I have decided to take adequate steps in time to face this out rather than cry and wail about its arrival so soon upon our lives.

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For this I have chosen the 2012 Survival Guide as my pilot to steer me safely through this disastrous day. The book is a complete guide to what all you need to do and have before this day arrives. They have listed 101 things you need to get in hand to help you and your family to equip them better. I am sure just like me you have slogged a lot to get your house made, your family well-settled and you need to do everything to save it from getting destroyed. Right from household items, to automatic electric generators and steroids needed to fight aliens, this book is a complete resource on how to survive this ultimate day.

I have learnt that ignorance cannot be actually the best medicine for surviving disasters. Just closing eyes cannot all the tragedies disappear? Instead, being better prepared can help you to face them with a braver heart. I decided to stand up not only for myself but all my loved ones as well. I think I owe it to them. I can tell them now how to face any type of climate and conditions, no matter how extreme things may be!

Along with the 2012 Survival Guide, I also got three bonus guides that has helped me to face financial disaster, breaking up myths and packing ahead for any disaster lying ahead. This scientifically equipped guide has helped me to face not only the 2012 crisis but any other natural or terrorist crisis that could occur at any point of time in my life. I have a lot to thank this book for!

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