The Introduction of Chinese Face Reading

The Chinese have been reading faces for many thousands of years. This form of divination is best learnt from a master. I am now sharing with you some of the secrets I learnt recently from a seminar by Master Issac Chung. So get a mirror to check out your own face and of course look at the faces of those around you. The great thing about face reading is that it can be done anytime, anyplace where you can see faces.(More information about hair care)

When you look at a face, imagine you can divide the face vertically into a left and a right side by drawing a line down the middle of the nose. Left refers to the left hand side of the person being read. So if you are looking at somebody else's face, face to face so to speak, your right hand side is directly opposite the person's left hand side and your left hand side is directly opposite their right. This is shown in the diagram below.

However, if you are looking at your image in a mirror, your left is on your left. Wave at yourself in the mirror with your left hand, then your right hand and you will see what I mean.

When you draw the imaginary vertical line down the middle of any face, you will observe that the face is not exactly symmetrical. You can see this even in our face diagram above, which was taken from an ancient book. The right eye is different from the left eye and the chin is rounder and fuller on the right side.

Face Reading

The left side of the face is the yang or male side and the right side of the face is the yin or female side. For a woman the right side represents herself and other females (mother, sister, daughter and female friends), and the left side represents males (father, husband, son and male friends).

For a man the left side represents himself and other males and the right side represents females.

The easy way to remember this is that left is always yang/male and right is always yin/female. If you are reading a man's face, the side that represents himself is the yang side, i.e. the left. If you are reading a woman's face, that side that represents herself is the yin side, i.e. the right.

Now take a look at your own face and compare the left and right sides. What do you see? Is one side fuller or more pronounced than the other? Hold your hair back so you can get a really good view.

If you are female and the left hand side of your face is fuller than the right hand side this means you care more for males than you do females. So you are likely to put others needs ahead of yourself, particularly those of your husband or boyfriend, father or sons. If this is the case, remember to look after yourself as well! If the right hand side of your face is fuller than the left hand side that means you care more for females than males, usually this says you are more a mum's girl than dad's girl.

The nose in face reading represents wealth. A high straight bridge with a round nose tip and full wings on either side bodes well for wealth. Nostrils that are not visible when looking straight on suggest that the person is better able to hold onto wealth, whereas open visible nostrils indicate a spender. Whilst you are comparing the two sides take a look at where the nose tip points. It can be straight down the middle of the face or to the left or to the right hand sides. If it points to one side then that is where more money will be spent. For example, man whose nose tip points to the right is likely to spend more money on females in his life, his wife or girlfriend than himself. If the nose tip does not point noticeably to the left or right then this is fairly balanced.

Now lets take a look at the eyes, 'the windows of the soul'. When we make eye contact with somebody we often have instinctive feelings about that person. Of course, if you are well connected to your intuition, then a fleeting moment of eye contact with a stranger can give you a lot of clues about their character. We naturally feel somebody is shifty if they avoid eye contact and we feel comfortable if the eye contact is direct. We can also look at the shape of the eyes and eyebrows. Round and curved eyes indicate a more emotional personality than straight eyes, which indicate a more logical outlook. Similarly brows that are more curved imply a more emotional mindset. If the eyes and brows tend to slope upwards towards the edge of the face then this is an indication of an optimist. Pessimists tend to have downward sloping eyes.

We communicate through our mouths and our lips reveal our communications style. Thin lips usually indicate an argumentative personality, yet they usually belong to someone who has a sharp mind and good communication skills to match. Just don't argue with somebody who has thin lips, you are bound to lose! Thick lips indicate a more emotional and affectionate personality. The more clearly defined the outline of the lips, the better for communication. Remember to use lip liner and lipstick on those days when what you say will really count! Like with the eyes, a person with a naturally upward turning mouth is more optimistic than one with a downward mouth. When we smile our mouths turn upwards, so smile more often and you will feel more optimistic.

Whilst the lips are important in communication, equally important, if not more so are the ears. Good listeners tend to have ears that lie flat and close to the head. In Chinese Face Reading, auspicious ears are long, thick and large. If the top of the ears are higher than the eyebrows, then these are high set ears which are a sign of intelligence and spiritual leanings.

If we imagine drawing a horizontal line across the face at eye level we can compare the size of the top half with the size of the lower half. A large area in the forehead and above the eyes relative to the lower part of the face also indicates spiritual leanings whereas a larger lower face indicates a more practical down to earth outlook.

This article is an introduction that covers the key points we look out for when doing face reading and there are many facets and layers to this ancient art. Even though we have picked out points about different facial features we need to look at the face as a complete picture and weigh up all the various aspects. Face Reading can be used for reading your future as well as your character. The best way to a brighter future is to smile!

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