Health Analysis,Disease Prevention by Palm Reading

Traditional Chinese Medicine

As a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine,palm reading has been widely used in disease prevention and diasnosis.

1.If you have a broken Head Line,it means you may have cardiovascular disease.

2.If you find that your baby's Life Line is very short,then it means that your baby didn't get enough nutrition when he or she was in matrix.You can make some massage at baby's palm to improve the life line.

3.If you have a deep Fate Line,it means you are lack of exercise and your respiratory system is very weak.You should do more deep breathing to improve your respiratory system.

4.If you find that your Life Line is broken,then you don't have to worry about it if there is an assistant line beside your life line.If there is no any assistant line,then you'd better go to hospital to take a comprehensive diagnosis.

5.If you have a extremely straight Head Line,it means you are very easy to get headache.

6.If you have a extremely long Head Line,it means you are very easy to get neurasthenia.

7.If you have three branch at the end of Head Line,it means you may have delayed speech when you were child.

8.If you have a extremely long Heart Line,it means you are very sensitive and very easy to get vegetative nerve functional disturbance at your intestine and stomach.

9.If you have a broken or unclear Heart Line,it means your respiratory system may have some problem.

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