Chinese Astrology Masters

Master Zhang Yi

Palm Reading Master Zhang

Zhang Yi was born in 1932 and brought up in the spiritual atmosphere of Mao Mountain(a Taoism Mountain). He spent his childhood in a holy atmosphere and developed spiritual powers.

As an ardent devotee of Taoism, he developed spiritually and guided people from every walks of life. In his experience of nearly 50 years he provided free of cost services to the needy. In the year 2002, he decided to take it as a profession on the request of his followers and disciples.

His client list includes celebrities ,top businessmen,officials and along with the common masses.

His clientele extends from China, Japan, Singapore, Australia to Netherlands, U.K.,Brazil and the U.S.A.

Master Liu Jian Ye

Palm Reading Master Liu

Liu Jian Ye was born in 1953 and has been involved with astrology and palm reading ,face reading for the last 35 years. He has done MA in Economics and is a law graduate also. He practiced as a lawyer for few years but was more keen in astrology and one fine day abandoned law and become a servant of astrology.

He have believes that if a prediction comes true there is nothing to feel proud about because this is the minimum thing that a person expects from an astrologer.

Liu Jian Ye is a widely travelled person and his list of clientele spreads from China to USA. Most of the television channels in China have interviewed him from time to time, namely CCTV, STV, and Phoenix etc.

Master Louis Braille

Palm Reading Master Louis

Louis Braille is widely travelled and is the talented son and associate of a well known Palm Reader.Louis Braille has received training from his father and has been assisting him in all his work.He spent 10 years in China to learn Chinese Astrology ,Chinese Palm Reading and Face Reading.

Louis Braille has been reading palm and face professionally in Italy, Britain, Spain, Germany and China for the last 12 years and continues to do so from his studio at Shanghai through Internet.

Master Michael Clayton

Palm Reading Master Michael

Fascinated by the Chinese Astrology since his childhood in US, Michael Clayton undertook the study of this popular tool of divination and self discovery 20 years ago with the valuable guidance of senior Chinese Astrologist in Mao Mountain,China.

He is a member of the World Palm Reading Network and has read film stars, artistes, professionals, entrepreneurs, homemakers and students in China, Europe, North America and Australia.

He continues to do so from his studio at Shanghai and London through Internet.

Master Fernando Gonzalez

Palm Reading Master Gonzalez

Fernando Gonzalez took up Chinese Astrology as a full time career in 1983, when he was 30 years old and since then he has come with innumerable correct predictions, creating a niche for himself in the region.

He is also a member of the World Palm Reading Network and has read film stars, artistes and entrepreneurs in China and Europe .He continues to do so from his studio at Shanghai and Madrid through Internet.

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