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Palm Reading Heart Line

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The Heart Line is one of the most important line in your palm.It manages your emotions and events that are related love. In general, the deeper your heart line, the warmer your devotions.

If the heart line starts under the index finger,then it means your love life will be normal and content.

If the heart line starts under the middle finger,then it means your love life will be selfish and materialistic.

If the heart line starts between the middle and index finger,then it means you will disregard the true meaning of love and its responsibilities.

If your heart line spans across the entire hand, then you tends to look for those whose status rises above their own.

If the heart line is long and curved upwards, then the person has a romantic nature and great passion in their actions. They may be willing to pursue their love at all costs.

Your Health

If you have a extremely long heart line,it means you are very sensitive and very easy to get vegetative nerve functional disturbance at your intestine and stomach.

If you have a broken or unclear heart line,it means your respiratory system may have some problem.

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