The Introduction of Chinese Palm Reading

Palm reading,Chiromancy or Palmistry originated in China in 3000 BC.Then it spread to Europe and other parts of the world. People have devoted years in finding out what the lines on palms read. They have been studying on how to interpret the palm lines. There lengthy research has led to an art form of palm reading.

Chinese palm reading believe that hands, feet and head present a person’s profile and that the appearance of a person’s hand can be an indicator to his destiny. They think that the lines on a person’s palm provide hints about his/her fortune. Palm line reading is all about the lines and the patterns found on the palm. It is linked to the shape and structure of your hand and the surface texture of your palm.

Let us begin with the type of your hand. Look closely at the back of your hand. Is the skin smooth or is it worn. Soft skin indicates you have a good taste and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. Worn texture is indicative of people who take risks, like to accept challenges and always fight till the end. Now look at your fingers. If they are smooth, you are instinctive and self-confident. In case your fingers lack the smoothness, you are creative and thoughtful.

Chinese palm reading associates an element for each type of the hand. Slender palms are linked to wood and it is said that wood and water industries suit best to people with such palms. Square shaped palms are associated with metal and metal and earth industries suit people with square palms. Heavy palms are linked to earth element and people with such palms do well in earth and fire industries. Elongated palms are associated with fire and fleshy palms with water.(You also can categorize Hand Shape into 4 group.Earth Hand,Air Hand,Fire Hand,Water Hand)

Go further ahead to the tips of your palm and observe your nails. Long nails say that you are artistic. Spoon shaped nails say that you always choose the best in life. Uneven nails warn you of a difficult time in future and prompt you to learn from your mistakes. Now, something more on the fingers… If your index finger is longer than the ring finger, you are a leader. In the opposite case, you are creative. You market yourself and like people to praise you

Life Line, Head Line and the Heart Line are the main lines of your palm. Palm line reading revolves around these lines and those branching from them. The Life Line starts between your thumb and index finger and encircles the base of your thumb to reach the wrist. The Head Line is above your Life Line and runs horizontally across the palm. Your Heart Line starts at the left end of the palm below the little finger and slants towards the middle and index fingers.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

As a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine,palm reading has been widely used in disease prevention and diasnosis.

For example:

1.If you have a broken head line,it means you may have cardiovascular disease.

2.If you find that your baby's life line is very short,then it means that your baby didn't get enough nutrition when he or she was in matrix.You can make some massage at baby's palm to improve the life line。

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