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Upload Your Palm Photos!

Upload Your Palm Photos

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1.Prepare four photos.(Left palm,Right palm,Back of the left hand,Back of the Right hand)
2.In order to make an accurate analysis, the photos you provide should be as clear as possible.(The photos should be taken under sufficient light)
3.The photos should be no more than 20m.
4.You can only upload jpg,gif,png,bmp photos.
5.Please be patient,the whole uploading process will take several minutes according to the size of your photos.
6.If you have any question,please Contact Us.

Photo I : Left Palm. Sample

Position I:

Photo II : Right Palm. Sample

Position II:

Photo III : Back of the left hand. Sample

Position III:

Photo IV : Back of the right hand. Sample

Position IV:

Photo V : If you apply for a compatibility analysis. Please upload your lover's palm photo here.

Position V:

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